‚Safe Eyes Mobile‘ nennt sich der heute vorgestellte erste kindersichere Web-Browser für Apples iPhone. Hinter der Software steckt InternetSafety.com, eine Firma aus Atlanta, die sich der Netzsicherheit für Kinder und Familien verschrieben hat.

Der Kiddie-freundliche Internet-Browser ist ab sofort über Apples iPhone App Store herunterladbar. Kostenpunkt: 20 US-Dollar bei http://www.safeeyes.com/iphone.

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New Browser Selectively Blocks Inappropriate Content In Multiple Categories To Give Parents Peace-of-Mind

ATLANTA, Feb. 2 /PRNewswire/ — InternetSafety.com, the recognized leader in Internet safety solutions, today announced that Safe Eyes(R) Mobile, the first Internet browser that helps parents protect their children from exposure to objectionable content on a mobile device, is now available for purchase through the iPhone App Store. InternetSafety.com’s Safe Eyes Mobile, designed for the Apple iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch, blocks inappropriate pages while giving users full access to the rest of the Web.

Safe Eyes Mobile works just like the built-in iPhone browser with pinch and tap zoom, bookmarks, built-in Google search and multiple pages, and has no noticeable effect on iPhone performance. The application carries an introductory price of just $19.99; to purchase Safe Eyes Mobile, visit http://www.safeeyes.com/iphone.

„With Safe Eyes Mobile, parents can allow their children to surf the Web using the iPhone or other Apple mobile device, confident that they are as protected as if they were at home using a PC equipped with Safe Eyes,“ said Aaron Kenny, CTO of InternetSafety.com. „As the first browser application to control iPhone content, Safe Eyes Mobile is the first solution to address this serious problem without an all-or-nothing approach.“

Featuring the same award-winning filtering technology found in Safe Eyes software for PCs and Macs, Safe Eyes Mobile checks requested websites against a massive blacklist of potentially objectionable web addresses that is updated on a daily basis. It prevents iPhone and iPod Touch access to pages in the pornography, nudity, sex and tasteless/gross categories by default.

Parents can configure Safe Eyes Mobile software to filter sites in 31 other categories by visiting http://www.safeeyes.com. Using the PIN- controlled parental controls in the iPhone, they can also turn off the Apple Safari browser and prevent other browsers from being installed, ensuring that Safe Eyes Mobile is the only choice for surfing the Web.

Safe Eyes Mobile is the first all-around choice for Web content protection. The iPhone itself can control Internet browsing only by blocking Web access entirely, while AT&T’s wireless Media Net Parental Controls do not work on the iPhone at all. Safe Eyes Mobile filtering works on both the AT&T cellular network and individual Wi-Fi networks to which the iPhone automatically connects when in range.

Per-phone pricing for Safe Eyes Mobile includes automatic daily updates of the product’s Web site blacklist. To learn more, or to purchase Safe Eyes Mobile at the special introductory price of $19.99, visit http://www.safeeyes.com/iphone. A demo of Safe Eyes Mobile is also available at http://www.safeeyes.com/iphonedemo.

About InternetSafety.com

Established in 1999, InternetSafety.com(TM) specializes in providing Internet safety solutions. Its flagship software, Safe Eyes(R), is the two-time recipient of the PC Magazine Editors‘ Choice Award, earned a separate Editor’s Choice Award from LAPTOP magazine, and was rated as the #1 parental control solution by America’s leading consumer advocacy publication. The company’s Safe Eyes, Safe Eyes Mobile and EtherShield products provide online protection for consumers and businesses in more than 140 countries.

SOURCE InternetSafety.com
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