MySpace: Zwei Drittel der internationalen Mitarbeiter entlassen, 300 müssen gehen

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Social Network äußerst unsozial – harte Schnitte beim Social-Network MySpace: Wie der neue CEO des amerikanische Internet-Dienstes, Owen Van Natta, heute in einer E-Mail an die Angestellten mitteilte (siehe unten), werden zwei von drei Stellen bei den internationalen Ablegern von MySpace gestrichen. Damit verlieren 300 Mitarbeiter der insgeamt 450 international für MySpace tätigen Sozial-Netwerker ihre Jobs.

Zudem sollen mindestens vier MySpace-Standorte außerhalb der USA geschlossen werden; definitiv will man an London, Berlin und Sydney als internationalen Regional-Ablegern festhalten.

Insgesamt will MySpace 700 seiner derzeit 1.800 Angestellten entlassen, nachdem MySpace dieser Tage nicht nur unter der Werbeflaute im Netz leidet, sondern seit Monaten auch massiv Besucher verliert – immer mehr Sozial-Netzwerker wandern zum Branchenprimus ab.

Während Erz-Rivale längst auf über 200 Millionen Nutzer kommt, zählt MySpace derzeit nur etwa 63 Millionen User.

Mehr Details und E-Mail von MySpace-Boss Owen Van Natta nach dem Seitenwechsel.

From: Owen Van Natta
Sent: martedì 23 giugno 2009 11.30
To: FIM MySpace All
Importance: High


Last week we made a number of changes to MySpace’s domestic structure in order to create a leaner, more nimble organization. Today, we are announcing the next step in our overall restructuring effort – a proposal to streamline our operations abroad.

Unlike our recent domestic restructuring announcement, what we are announcing today is a formal proposal we intend to implement, rather than an executed plan. As required by laws in countries where we operate, we will not implement the plan until we have consulted with potentially affected employees. As a result, even though the plan we are proposing today would apply to all international divisions of the company, a finalized international restructuring will be put into action over a period of days.

Similar to our domestic restructuring, our international plan is designed to rein in growth in staff and expenses that we cannot sustain. Our proposal would reduce MySpace’s international staff from 450 employees to approximately 150 employees and close at least 4 of our offices outside the United States.

Upon completion of the proposed plan, London, Berlin, and Sydney would become the primary regional hubs for MySpace’s international operations. Under the proposed plan, MySpace would place all existing offices in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Sweden, and Spain under review for possible restructure. MySpace China, a locally owned, operated, and managed company, and MySpace’s joint venture in Japan would not be affected by the proposed plan.

We are focusing on London, Berlin, and Sydney for two very simple reasons: (1) these are markets where we have a lot of MySpace users as well as the resources to allow us to compete effectively and (2) these are major international commerce centers where a robust MySpace presence can help our company develop new and innovative business partnerships.

As with the domestic changes we made last week, these proposed international reductions and eliminations will be extremely challenging – professionally and personally. These are difficult decisions and they are essential to our financial well-being and the re-establishment of our overall growth strategy.

Our goal to tap into as many international markets as possible drove us to create too many offices around the globe, and with them came inefficiencies. Under the new plan, we will refocus our efforts on regional business partnerships and integration in a smaller number of territories, while retaining a robust international presence. We remain steadfast in our commitment to reaching a global audience.

The last two weeks have been tough for everyone. The employees who leave us played an important role in the successes of MySpace in these international markets, and I thank them for their hard and dedicated work. The restructuring steps we have taken have laid the groundwork for an exciting new chapter of innovation for MySpace. I look forward to working with you all and speaking with you in the coming days.

Thank you,


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