Chronic by Paul Wicks.Zeitungssterben: Der New Yorker Hearst-Verlag will den notleidenden „San Francisco Chronicle“ entweder verkaufen oder ganz dicht machen, berichtet die Nachrichtenagentur Bloomberg.

Die größte Tageszeitung in Nordkalifornien, die neben der „San Jose Mercury News“ auch die wichtigste Technologie-Region der Welt, das Silicon Valley, abdeckt,  hatte im vergangenen Jahr über 50 Millionen US-Dollar Verlust erwirtschaftet.

[UPDATE] Hier das Memo von Frank Vega, dem Herausgeber des „SFC“:

February 24, 2009

Dear Fellow Employees:

The rapidly declining economy, coupled with severely declining advertising revenues, is forcing nearly every newspaper company to re-think how it conducts business while continuing to serve its respective communities.

Despite all of our best efforts as an organization, The Chronicle continues to show staggering losses each week. Recent staff and expense reductions have not stemmed these losses, which are only worsening in the present economy. In response to our financial picture and the bleak economic forecast for the foreseeable future, our management team has begun a series of cost-saving initiatives designed to alleviate those losses.

First and foremost of these cost savings will be a significant reduction in force across all areas of our operation affecting both represented and non-represented employees. We will shortly begin discussions with union leadership on proposals. Our current situation dictates that we accomplish these cost savings quickly. Business as usual is no longer an option.

If we are unable to accomplish these reductions in the immediate future, Hearst Corporation, which owns The Chronicle, has informed us that it will offer the newspaper for sale or close it altogether. We know these are painful times for everyone and we face difficult choices. We share in the sincere hope that we will reach agreement with all parties involved on the concessions needed to continue to operate and provide the Bay Area with a quality newspaper.

I will update you throughout this process. Thank you for your support and good work, particularly in economic times that are difficult for all of us.

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