Samsung Solar-Handy Blue Earth kommt nach Europa

samsung blue earth solar handy smartphone

Gute Nachrichten für Energiebewusste und Fans von nachhaltigen Öko-Gadgets: Der koreanische Elektronik-Riese Samsung bringt das mit Spannung erwartete Solar-Handy „Blue Earth“ nach Europa. Zunächst wird das Touchscreen-Handy mit HSDPA, das sich über Sonnenenergie aufladen lässt, noch diesen Monat in Schweden auf den Markt kommen.

Da kann man zuversichtlich gestimmt sein: Da das Blue Earth schon mal den weiten Weg vom fernen Südkorea nach Nordeuropa geschafft hat, ist es ja nicht mehr weit zu uns nach Deutschland.

Wir warten also gespannt auf Meldung von Samsung, wann das umweltfreundliche Solar-Handy auch in Deutschland aufschlagen wird.

Schließlich heißt es laut Hersteller Samsung: „France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Portugal and other European and Asian countries are following shortly“.

Na denn, bitte her damit.

— Mehr Info, Fotos und offizielle Pressemitteilung nach dem Seitenwechsel.

*** techPR/press release ** Samsung Launches ‘Blue Earth’, the First Full-Touch Eco-Friendly Mobile Phone
Seoul (Korea Newswire) October 14, 2009 11:18 AM — Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. today announced the launch of Samsung Blue Earth, an environmentally friendly mobile phone with a full touch screen. First showcased at the Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona, Samsung’s Blue Earth has been highly anticipated because of its eco-friendly concept as well as its sleek design and advanced multimedia features.

Previously, eco-friendly mobiles meant lower-energy consuming mobile phones with very limited feature sets. However, Samsung Blue Earth combines the latest multimedia features and stylish design harmoniously, while achieving lower energy consumption and incorporating eco-friendly materials.

With the commercial launch of Blue Earth, Samsung reinforces its commitment to protecting the environment through the design of eco-friendly products and a program of activities for its customers.

“Samsung’s Blue Earth is not just another addition to our mobile line-up, but a significant step forward in our commitment to protecting the environment,” said Mr. JK Shin, Executive Vice President and Head of the Mobile Communication Division of Samsung Electronics. „I am very pleased to announce the launch this landmark eco mobile, and Samsung will continue to introduce innovative eco-friendly mobiles like Blue Earth to target the broader consumers ”

Blue Earth is made from Post Consumer Material (PCM), which is extracted from water bottles, helping to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions during the manufacturing process. The device, including the charger, is free from harmful substances such as Brominated Flame Retardants (BFR), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Phthalate.

The latest in a series of eco-friendly products, Blue Earth comes with a unique user interface which is designed to draw attention to preserving our fragile environment. With “Eco mode,” screen brightness, backlight duration and Bluetooth can be set to an energy-efficient mode with just one click. The “Eco Walk” function allows users to count their steps with a built in pedometer and calculate the reduction in CO2 emission realized by walking as opposed to using a motor vehicle. This unique function allows users to see the value of walking by calculating the number of trees that have been saved.

The packaging for Blue Earth is designed to be compact. The package is made from easy-to-recycle paper and printed in soy ink. It also suggests a simple DIY idea to reuse the package as a photo frame or a pencil box.

Blue Earth comes with a 5 star energy efficient charger which uses only 0.03W of power in standby mode. As part of the Voluntary Agreement of European Commission IPP (Integrated Product Policy) pilot program, Samsung has agreed to start showing ratings on energy consumption on the no-load mode of the mobile device charger. Furthermore, by charging with the solar panel located on the back of the phone, users can generate enough power to use the device anytime and anywhere. Solar energy is considered one of the most eco-friendly energy sources and it helps users reduce usage of energy from non-renewable sources.

Samsung Blue Earth is launching in Sweden in October and will soon launch in France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Portugal and other European and Asian countries.

About Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies with 2008 consolidated sales of US$96 billion. Employing approximately 164,600 people in 179 offices across 61 countries, the company consists of two business units: Digital Media & Communications and Device Solutions. Recognized as one of the fastest growing global brands, Samsung Electronics is a leading producer of digital TVs, memory chips, mobile phones and TFT-LCDs. For more information, please visit

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