Samsung loves Windows Mobile 6.5: Nun ist es offiziell. Samsung erweitert seine Omnia-Handy-Serie mit dem Omnia Pro B7330 Smartphone auf Basis des neuen Microsoft-Handy-Betriebssystems Windows Mobile 6.5. Das Handy mit vollwertiger QWERTZ-Tastatur ist praktisch eine aufgemotzte Version des bekannten Samsung Omnia B7320, nur eben mit einem besseren Display mit 320 x 320 Pixeln, einer 3-Megapixel-Autofokus-Kamera, einem UKW-Radio und einem Multimedia-Player ausgestattet.

Daten werden beim Omnia Pro B7330 via WLAN, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS oder HSPA übertragen. Zudem stehen 32MB interner Speicher zur Verfügung, der sich mit MicroSD-Karten erweitern lässt.

Doch die noch deutlich wichtigere News dieser Ankündigung, die heute scheinbar ganz nebenbei von den Südkoreanern gemacht wurde, ist die folgende: Die komplette neue Omnia-Smartphone-Reihe, inklusive der Modelle i8000, B7320, B7300, B7330 und B7610, kommen allesamt mit dem Microsoft-Handy-OS Windows Mobile 6.5.
Bei dem Omnia II (I8000), dem OmniaPRO B7610 und dem OmniaPRO B7320 wird das Handy-Betriebssystem Windows Mobile 6.1 auf die „WinMo“-Version 6.5 upgegradet.

Das neue Omnia Pro B7330 kommt im Oktober auf den Markt, gleichzeitig mit dem zweiten Business-Handy, dem Omnia Lite B7300, mit seinem interessanten 3D-Multimedia-Player und dem TouchWiz-2.0-User-Interface.

***** techPR /Press Release — Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a leading mobile phone provider, today announced plans to release a series of new Omnia smartphones offering a range of multimedia and work features.

With the new Omnia Series devices, Samsung seeks to reinforce its leadership in the smartphone market and build on the success of the Omnia I (I900), which sold more than 2.5 million units worldwide last year.

The Omnia Series will feature five devices: the OmniaPRO B7610, OmniaPRO B7320, OmniaPRO B7330, OmniaLITE (B7300), as well as the already announced Omnia II (I8000) with an updated Windows Mobile? 6.5 operating system. Samsung will release the series later this year and announce a set of customized strategies to differentiate and expand sales of each model by appealing to a broad spectrum of user groups.

Within the OmniaPRO lineup, the OmniaPRO B7610 is the premium device, featuring a high-resolution 3.5 inch AMOLED display and QWERTY keyboard. The OmniaPRO B7320 and OmniaPRO B7330 will target businessmen with a QWERTY keyboard and email/wireless internet capabilities. The OmniaPRO B7330 will feature HSDPA 7.2 Mps, HSUPA 2.0 Mps and Windows Mobile? 6.5, providing the most versatile option for emailing and wireless internet use. Rounding out the new series, the OmniaLITE will have a user-friendly interface and various multimedia functions for younger users.

“The Omnia Series is one of Samsung’s most important lineups yet and definitively shows our leadership in the smartphones marketplace,” said JK Shin, Executive Vice President and Head of Samsung Electronics’ Mobile Communications Division. “Samsung’s smartphone strategy is to provide both powerful multimedia features, with brighter and faster AMOLED displays, and offer efficiency and convenience at work supported by an advanced open operating system.”

Samsung Omnia Series with Windows Mobile? 6.5

The Omnia Series devices will re-launch as Windows? phones that will empower users more than ever to stay connected and productive while on the go with unprecedented ease of use.

Samsung Electronics plans to feature Windows Mobile? 6.5 on all Omnia Series devices after its release, while offering an update to 6.5 on the Omnia II, OmniaPRO B7610, and OmniaPRO B7320, previously shipped with Windows Mobile? 6.1. Please contact your mobile operator and/or local Samsung office for updateability details.

All-in-one Redefined: Omnia II (I8000)

The Omnia II is designed for the smartphone user who demands an enhanced and convenient multimedia experience featuring Windows Mobile? 6.5 Professional. Featuring the world’s largest 3.7-inch AMOLED display with crystal-clear WVGA resolution, the Omnia II offers unbeatable screen clarity, even in day light.

Complete with larger icons and simplified navigation, Omnia II’s User Interface (UI) has been customized to provide touch-optimized usability. Also, the innovative TouchWiz 2.0 UI and 3D effects make enjoying multimedia and multi-tasking convenient and fun. Advanced R Touch (Resistive Touch) enables faster, more accurate response for a touch experience that’s 100% user friendly.

– Omnia II (I8000) was launched early June with Windows Mobile? 6.1 and will be updateable to Windows Mobile? 6.5 upon the update’s availability.

Simple All-rounder: OmniaLITE (B7300)

The OmniaLITE is designed for users who demand an easy smartphone interface with full support of multimedia, internet, and business features. The TouchWiz 2.0 UI and downloadable online widgets make it user-friendly, while its 3D multimedia player interface provides an enhanced entertainment experience.

OmniaLITE comes packed with a host of powerful business tools and multimedia features. Users have multi-push email access and the Microsoft Office Suite lets users edit and view their office documents on the move. Opera Browser and HSDPA & Wi-Fi connectivity allows users to access the net with ease and speed. Additional features like multi-codec supported high-quality video, a 3-megapixel camera, and A-GPS deliver the complete all-in-one mobile experience

– OmniaLITE will launch in October with Windows Mobile? 6.5.

The Work-Life Balance Winner: OmniaPRO B7610

With separate modes for Work and Life, the OmniaPRO B7610 boasts features optimized for both business and play, helping users maintain their work-life balance. Matching balanced performance with balanced design, the hybrid Touch/QWERTY form offers users greater versatility and ease of use.

At play, users can capture their favorite moments with the OmniaPRO B7610’s 5-megapixel camera with smile shot, or enjoy multi-codec supported high quality video on a brilliant AMOLED display. A-GPS with navigation also ensures that users never get lost while travelling to their next destination.

– OmniaPRO B7610 was launched in late July with Windows Mobile? 6.1 and will be updateable to Windows Mobile? 6.5 upon the update’s availability.

Work smarter with Play in reach: OmniaPRO B7330

OmniaPRO B7330 provides the modern professional with mobile solutions that satisfy both business and personal needs. User’s professional requirements are met by powerful messaging functions, quick internet access and robust business apps, while personal wants are balanced out by providing a good range of multimedia features such as 3-megapixel camera and FM radio, for playtime as well. . Users will enjoy the best of both worlds in a sophisticated form that looks good at work or play.

Users will enjoy OmniaPRO B7330 that features a wide and spacious display, comfortable messaging capability, and intuitive, fast navigation. Mobility has never been more vivid, comfortable, and easy to use

– OmniaPRO B7330 will launch in October with Windows Mobile? 6.5.

The Personal Assistant Perfected: OmniaPRO B7320

With its compact design and ergonomic QWERTY keypad, the Samsung OmniaPRO B7320 is a portable messaging center which lets users carry their inbox with them wherever they go, with corporate push email support.

For those who value networking and maintaining relationships, the OmniaPRO B7320 boasts social networking applications like Facebook and MySpace as well as instant messaging support for MSN, Google Talk and Yahoo Chat.

– OmniaPRO B7320 was launched late July with Windows Mobile? 6.1 and will be updateable to Windows Mobile? 6.5 upon the update availability.

Zum Thema:

Neben W-Lan stehen dem Nutzer GPRS, EDGE, UMTS und HSPA an Verbindungsmöglichkeiten zur Verfügung. Der interne Speicher von 320 Megabyte kann per MicroSD-Speicherkarte erweitert werden