[TechNewsticker] [E3] Nintendo bestätigt neue Wii Fit Plus mit 15 neuen Balance-Games

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While Nintendo stole a major piece of the cake at the open day of the E3 gaming tradeshow and conference in Los Angeles today, what with a really impressive line of products to be launched, there are some Nintendo announcements that didn’t elaborate too much, but are definitely worth more than a mention.

Among the regular announcements were more than one new Mario game, a new Metroid game, and a new feature for the DS which allows you to edit photos and upload them directly to Facebook. But the coolest and the most un-elaborated one was a hardware accessory that would allow Nintendo to tally tough the vitality sensors of the player! Sounds pretty cool, eh? Read on!

The Wii Vitality Sensor that you see in the rather blurry pic up there, has an opening at one end into which the player can insert his or her index finger, and the hardware can read the player’s physical state. Now as wow-some it may be for us, it is not a first timer for Nintendo, which has created such biofeedback devices in the past. The key to developing stuff like this is for allowing designers to develop more and more games based on this type of input.

While I am sure, nothing beyond that is to be expected from it in the near future; implemented right and it could pave way for some great Nintendo devices and games.

Wii Fit Plus kommt im Herbst mit neuem „Balance Board“.


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