In den USA ist das neueste Line-up der T-Mobile Handy-Familie aufgetaucht. Die Produkt-Liste samt Erstverkaufsdatum in den USA ist zu TMOnews durchgesickert, folgende Modelle der Telekom-Tochter werden 2009 noch auf den Markt kommen:

* “Blade” (Sidekick 2009) – May 13
* HTC “Maple”/”Snap” – July 1st
* HTC “Rhodium”/Wing II – July 22nd (also known as the Touch Pro 2)
* HTC “Sapphire”/”Magic” – TBD.
* Sony Ericsson “CS8″ – June 24th (8mp camera? Is this the Android device they’ve been talking about?)
* Nokia 1661 (prepaid) – April 29th (We know, a week later than previously mentioned. But you know the wait will be SO worth it. No… really… it will be… )
* Samsung T349 (prepaid) – May 6th
* Samsung T239 (prepaid) – May 13th
* Samsung T559 – July 15th
* Samsung T469 – July 15th (just a simple two-tone gray, apparently)
* Samsung T749 – July 22nd (2 colors for this one: red/orange and two-tone gray)
* Samsung T659 – August 19th

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