Collaborative storytelling is now available via Facebook, with $1,000 in cash prizes

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., March 24 /PRNewswire/ — While most social media sites help connect people in the virtual world, aims to forge connections through real-world objects by allowing users to create a collaborative blog about a physical object. To help users more easily connect and create great stories is making its free service available to 175 million Facebook users.’s new Facebook application allows story authors and contributors to share their creations in bold new ways. Stories can be shared virally through news feeds, wall posts, and direct invitations. In addition, users can view the Facebook profile of any author and also receive Facebook notifications when a story they like is updated. All these features will serve to virally spread great stories and connect people with like-minded individuals they may have otherwise never met.

To accompany this launch, is announcing $1,000 in cash prizes in its „Cash for Creativity“ competition. The competition can be entered by anyone for free — all that is needed is an object, an Internet connection, and some creativity.

The $1,000 in prize money will be divided into four separate awards. Three cash prizes will be given to the users who create stories that acquire the largest number of followers by May 4th. A fourth prize will be given to the user who creates a story that exhibits the most creativity as determined by’s two founders. More information is available at:

SendMeHome’s Stories launched in January and users have already collaborated to share cooking tips, collect monologues, discuss political events, and even transport a statue to Easter Island. An example story can be found at:

About allows users to assign a unique code, called a SendMeHome ID, to any real-world object. SendMeHome offers two services:

Stories allows users to create collaborative blogs that tell focused narratives about physical objects, which inspires online communication in new and creative ways.

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