Google durchbricht $620 Marke

Google’s stock topped $620 for a moment today before settling down to $614.41, a $4.79, 0.79 percent advance over its record-breaking performance Monday.The advance came as a Lehman Bros. analyst revised his target for the popular stock to $714.Google’s share price broke $600 for the first time Monday, closing at $609.62. It reached $623.78 and dipped to $608.39 in trading today.More than 37 billion searches worldwide went through Google in August, accrding to a report by comScore’s qSearch 2.0 service. Roughly 60 percent of all searches, the figure is higher than Google’s 50 percent in the United States.Yahoo came in second worldwide with 8.5 billion searches, followed by Baidu at 3.3 billion and Microsoft Corp. at 2.2 billion.

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