Bling-Bling: Swarovski-Kristalle für Apple iPhone und iPod

19. Mai 2009 | by Alex Reiger

Swarovski-Kristalle-Apple-iPhone-iPod-1 by you.Als hätte man beim Gadget-Zubehörhersteller Audrey Charm die Krisenmeldungen der verangenen Monate schlicht ignoriert, bringt die Firma aus Hongkong völlig unbeeindruckt neue (Pseudo-)Klunker-Hüllen mit scheinbar echten Swarovski-Kristallen für das Apple iPhone und verschiedene Apple iPods auf den Markt.

Preise ab 46 Dollar.

Mensch, Audrey, protzen ist derzeit doch völlig out! Und wer wirklich Kohle hat, leistet sich echte Klunker-Gadgets, nicht so ’n Glassplitter-Bling.

Hong Kong-Audrey Charm has introduced Swarovski decor frames for the iPhone 3G, iPod touch (2nd Generation), and iPod nano (4th Generation). All Swarovski is handmade with 100% genuine Swarovski crystals. Made from silver, gold, or chromium plated metal, each frame features protective neoprene inner lining, cutouts for access to all ports and controls, as well as holes for attaching a lanyard or decorative charm, and either pink, clear, or black Swarovski crystals on the front. Audrey Charm’s Swarovski decorative frames for the iPhone 3G, iPod touch (2nd Generation), and iPod nano (4th Generation) are available now and are priced at $66, $56, and $46, respectively.

About Audrey Charm

Audrey Charm is named to remember Audrey Hephurn. Audrey Hephurn is the most beautiful women and one of Hollywood’s greatest style icons of 21 century. She was a talented performer who was known for her beauty, elegance and grace. Not only this, in her later years, she worked as an ambassador for UNICEF to raise awareness about children in need. She was not only beautiful in her face but also in her heart.
For every product sold, Audrey Charm will donate 10% of our income to the organization that selected for child as a respect and support to Audrey Hephurn’s spirit.

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